Don't miss HisHands mining - best price guaranteed

All September we connect mining on PokerBros, CHICO, 888 and PS with a discount of up to 60%

The discount is valid not only for fresh mining, but also for the HAND BASE, and the hands are available starting from 2021 

Why choose HisHands?

  • Best coverage on the market. We get the widest coverage possible because we mine hands 24/7. On average we cover 99%;
  • Automated download of hands to your PC. We provide a program that can synchronize hand histories with your PC automatically. Just unzip the files and import them to tracker;

  • Attentive support team. Our managers are available every day, they will resolve any issue promptly.

Has anyone made a better offer than us? Send the calculation to us via Telegram or Skype - we will offer the best price