13/08/2023 | Statname Team

Top 3 poker rooms for comfortable playing 5-card Omaha

Action and huge variance - welcome to plo5, where real pros can play and win! This version of Omaha quickly fell in love with the players, but has not yet gained popularity. All those features of the classic game are multiplied several times, and therefore even experienced poker players find it difficult to get used to.

TOP 3 rooms for comfortable game

Fans of real action often cannot find a room full of opponents, or even one that includes 5-card Omaha. So let's figure out in which rooms the traffic is better and what are their features.


The flagship room of the GG Network, which gathers more than 134,000 players at the tables every day! The peak time for games is 23:00. Additionally, players get the opportunity to pick up a welcome bonus, participate in monthly promotions and take advantage of a loyalty program that includes 20 levels. Depending on the loyalty status, poker players receive up to 100% rakeback. Limits range from $0.01 to $10


When the question arises: “bad5 - where to play?”, experienced players immediately remember the PokerStars room, one of the oldest and most famous. He was one of the first to add 5-card Omaha to the range of games and still holds the bar in its popularity! More than 100,000 players from all over the world visit the room daily, and the peak online is from 21:00 to 1:00. Limits reach $200/400.


In the rooms of the American Winning network, PLO5 tables appeared a long time ago. Their main difference from others is the ability to play in Hi-Low format. Limits range from $0.01/$0.02 to $25/$50.

Which room to choose?

There is no single answer - choose the options according to your preferences. At the TOPs above, we observe high activity at different hours, they also offer different promotions and bonuses, a different range of limits. You can think about the numbers for a long time, but we recommend testing it in person.

The main thing to remember is that PLO-5 has a high dispersion. Stock up on patience and caution, and also purchase exclusive mining on PLO5 from the best miner on the market - HisHands.

We wish you a pleasant game and powerful upstreaks!