05/08/2023 | Statname Team

Top 5 poker movies to watch on the weekend

You also need to know how to rest! And, if you like to relax in the room playing card games in the evenings, watch the best poker movies to catch new tricks and strategies from them. It not only relaxes, but also helps to pump! We have selected several legendary films that every poker player will definitely like.

Casino Royale (2006)

Probably the most famous poker player movie ever, where James Bond, the same Agent 007, is forced to stop the biggest international terrorist. But his goal is not just to capture or neutralize him, but to win in a real game at the poker table..

The agent has entered into the biggest and most risky game of his life! Will he be able to outsmart the financial genius?

Big game (2017)

From beginner to pro - one of the best in the category of "poker movies", in which the main character from the very beginning does not understand the strategy and rules of the game very much. On the contrary, fate leads the girl into a gambling underground, where she learns all the subtleties in practice, and only then creates her own casino.

Although this is far from the end of the story. While Molly's business is booming, the mafia and the FBI are hunting for her. Find out if she can escape from persecution.

Tilt (2005)

A sensational series about poker, where three professional players go to Vegas to beat a skilled card sharper, the king of poker in this city. They are united by only one goal, but each has its own plans and methods - some card tricks and the general mood at the poker table are well revealed in the series.

Watch to the end to see if the players can keep their cool until the end or face tilt.

Big Snatch for a Little Lady (1966)

Do you like to watch beginner games? They are often harder to read for professional players, which is what this film about the game of poker is about. On the way to the farm, a married couple comes to the city, where an extremely large party unfolded - the gambling husband simply could not miss such a game, but soon he could not continue and was taken to the hospital.

In order not to lose the fortune of the family, a wife sat down at the table, who, by the way, does not know how to play at all ...

Player (2014)

If you want to watch a movie about poker, we recommend not to miss this option. Here we meet Jim, who leads a double life. During the day he is a writer and a successful teacher, but the night allows him to throw off his masks and play in the casino until the morning.

Of course, such a life does not lead to anything good. Will Jim be able to cope with all the problems?