02/05/2023 | Statname Team

Bankroll management in poker or how not to lose money and multiply the bet

It would seem that you have good cards in your hands, and your opponent going all-in is just bluffing, but this time you should definitely win... at least according to the theory of probability. Or do you? It is important to remember that luck is only 20% of a poker win, but analysis and knowing how to manage your bankroll is just as important. Now let's talk about what that is and why management is necessary.

Bankroll in poker - the money that you are willing to spend in the game, your financial resources

Players who know how to properly manage their money are more likely to win in the long run and can continue playing for longer. Otherwise, long games are more likely to fail and lead to downgrades - then, without bankroll management, the cache is simply drained. RDB protects against such situations and significantly reduces the risks.

Bankroll management options: from risk to profitability

There are many ways to manage your money in poker, and it is advisable not to single out any particular type and to be more guided by the situation. On what cards you have in your hands, how your opponents behave, and whether you can take a risk in a given game.

So there are three main types of BRM:

  • Aggressive. Used by experienced players in cases where you need to return to your limits in the shortest possible time or even increase them. The option is characterized by fast and high returns, but no less large risks.
  • Balanced. You play strictly in a 30:1 pattern, and if you catch a downrush, you end the game and move to a table with a minimum installment. In the long run, it's a better option - you'll earn more slowly, but you'll protect yourself from risk.
  • Tight. With this type of game, you choose a table where the poker bankroll covers the possible cash costs several times over. For example, a player can sit down with $1,500 to a $30 limit table and can cover up to 50 buy-ins. Minimum risk - ideal for beginners or those who want to study their opponents before serious bets.

If you choose the wrong game objective or don't follow any of the strategies, it's very easy to lose money. In a previous article, we talked about 10 reasons why players lose at poker.

Don't get hung up on instant profits

Remember that in poker, 80% of the game is up to you, but the cards won't always be on your side. It's more important than ever to stop in time, not only to save money, but also to keep playing at lower limits.

Statistically, only 5% of players come up with profitable long-term results and only 1% win games with big bets.

To win, it's a good idea to evaluate your options. If you lose half of your bankroll in one game, getting it back will be extremely problematic. And it's not even about the amount of money, the main problem is negative emotions, which just prevent you from analyzing the situation at the table, making the right conclusions and pass in time.

Also due to the loss of control over emotions is possible:

  • Deviations from the correct strategy
  • Neglecting to calculate and memorize cards
  • Unreasonable actions that will only lead to waste

Therefore, there is no universal answer to the question of how much bankroll you need. Choose the amount you feel comfortable playing with, both financially and emotionally.

Summing up

Depending on your goals and total bankroll, choose a strategy that suits you. More often than not, it is much more profitable to make money in 5-10 games than it is to get a big score in a single game.

It is equally important to remember the risks. You can lose all of your cache - to prevent this, manage both your funds and your emotions. Limits can be raised when you're really financially ready for it, otherwise raising them could mean draining your money.

And most importantly: don't chase the success of other players. They may have a better win rate, but that doesn't mean their strategy will work for you. Immerse yourself in the game gradually, and when you reach the "pro" point, you'll be able to use even more opportunities for a series of decisive wins!