04/12/2020 | Statname Team

Polk trashes Negreanu while challenging Brunson and Perkins

The results after 12 sessions

Last months the media was all around HU battle between Douglas Polk and Daniel Negreanu. And to no surprise, since it is one of the most anticipated poker duel - if not for the last decade - then for the last 2-3 years for sure. How the events unfolding and who’s taking the lead?

The battle between the pros started on November 4th and during this time the rivals played about 5,000 hands out of 25,000 planned in WSOP.com poker room. The duel takes place in a game of $200/$400 NLHE with 100BB add-on ($40,000 stacks).

Starting session #1 was very good for “KidPoker” giving him about $116,000 lead after about 200 hands. Was it a part of “WCGRider’s” insidious plan to show weakness and give the Canadian a head start? After all, in the next two play days #2 and #3 he had taken the lead winning around $385k and getting about $269,000 ahead.

Nonetheless, further things were not so pleasant for Polk. Negreanu pulled himself together and took 4 out of 5 following sessions: #4, #5, #7 and #8. In the end of session #8 he was leading by more than $179,000. At this point Negreanu’s luck has ended and he lost four sessions in a row. 

The recording of the last session #12 – which brought record profits for Douglas Polk – with Jo Ingram’s commentary you can find here:


After 5,751 hands played – more than 20% of distance planned – Doug’s ahead by $596,000. Very solid lead, although it’s only the beginning and Daniel has plenty of time to not only bring back the intrigue but to take back the lead. Do you believe this will happen?


 “WCGRider” is looking for new opponents

Polk is not going to stop! Less than a month after the start of the battle against “KidPoker” – now inspired with the intermediate success – he challenged two famous poker world representatives: Bill Perkins and Doyle Brunson.


Doug is especially eager to meet with Perkins who slung mud at him in his Twitter. A hedge fund manager and a close friend of notorious Dan Bilzerian accused “WCGRider” of cheating. He assumes Doug looks through the hands in WSOP.com replayer and manually uploads them to solvers. Bill also asked to stop the duel against Daniel for that reason. 

But after heated altercation in social networks businessman eventually admitted he’s wrong. Yet Polk wasn’t going to just let him go, he offered a high stakes $200/$400 live duel. Perkins agreed but asked for some time for preparation. Could it be his way to get out of this? After all, until very recently Bill did not hesitate to challenge other poker stars via social media. 

What Doyle Brunson has to do with all that? Well, he dared to enter the discussion between Polk and Perkins: “I still like the "old" way of playing poker. Face to face, ante up and deal. Poker is still played by people.#cutcheatsheets”. Douglas could not ignore this message so he asked Doyle to battle him HU live. Still no reponse from the living poker legend and it is unlikely that 87 years old “Texas Dolly” will agree to such an adventure. Or is it?