30/12/2020 | Statname Team

Neymar is back to PokerStars team


It looks like stellar poker room is not ready to say goodbye to sport representatives of Team Sport Stars. Earlier that team included Rafael Nadal, Ronaldo, Cristiano Ronaldo, Boris Becker and Fatima Moreira de Melo. Now none of them cooperates with PokerStars, but recently a quite interesting case popped up. The room has signed Neymar as their ambassador despite him holding this position in 2015-2017. What could it mean? 


Renewal of partnership

The collaboration between the room and the legendary football player has found second wind after more than a three-year break. PokerStars representatives said the world-renowned athlete is a perfect candidate for the ambassador position because he is not only a strong football and poker player, but also a good person. After all, it is not without a reason that people love him so much: 51 million Twitter followers, 70 million Facebook subscribers and 144 million Instagram followers. In addition, the Brazilian is #4 in the list of the wealthiest athletes in the world (with a capital of about $200 million).

And here’s what Neymar himself said in press release: “When I’m not on the field, I like to play cards. Competing with friends is my great passion. I love the sense of cohesion, the fun and unpredictable moments that can arise in any game, and all this feelings I would like to convey to poker players. As a true fan of the game, I am glad to start a new chapter with PokerStars. Together we will create even more highlights for the community and poker fans around the globe.”


Further prospects

The poker community’s experts are convinced that the alliance between PokerStars and Neymar is associated with changes in the room’s global policy, which is based on promoting poker, casino and sports under a one single brand, and ensuring a safe environment for players. Few people in sports have achieved the same level of trust in society as Neymar. He is a sincere and cheerful person – and what’s also important – he considers poker to be trustworthy and safe since he plays it himself. 


A short promo video with Neymar’s comeback within the global campaign “I’m In”:


It is also noted that the footballer will be working on some “important” aspects of the brand. The rest of the details of future cooperation will be unfolded in early 2021. Speaking of previous two-year contract, the most noticeable promos with Neymar are:

PokerStars Duel app;

Football challenge #RaseIt;

Knockout tournaments Knockout Poker.


Neymar also promoted poker in his home country Brazil and organized some charity events. You could’ve easily find him playing High Roller Club tournaments under the nickname “Neymar-jr”. Not so long ago he almost made it to the final table of $2100 NLHE SCOOP event (finished 12th with $6719 in prize money). His best run offline was in $7000 tournament in Brazilian Series of Poker 2018 event ($21000 prize money). Let’s see how the “football-poker player” will prove himself in the upcoming 2021.