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Game selection: finding the best tables in online poker

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In the modern online poker world there is a fierce battle for profits is going on. But no matter how ferociously regulars fight, 95% of the profits they make playing against recreational players and sometimes they make money from regulars that are weaker. Hence the question where to find tables with recreational players and how to get a seat there before others?

How to select tables in online poker?

Throughout the history of Internet poker players have managed to create three working strategy of finding the best games. All three of them have pros and cons, and some requirements for the poker player who is using them. The resulting profit depends on how the player manages to mitigate cons and maximize pros of the strategy chosen. 

Three most effective strategies of finding best games in online poker:

1. Starting tables and getting involved into “reg wars”
2. Table selection with no software
3. Table selection with auto-seating scripts

Starting tables

It is necessary to mention that this method only works if you play in one room, otherwise you will have to play tons of tables with regulars. 

The advantage of this method is that recreationals will most likely join your table where 3-4 regs are playing (depending on the room, the sit-out policies may vary). The disadvantage is that up to 1/2 the rake in 3- or 4-handed play can reach 10bb/100 and it’s pretty much impossible to overcome it without a recreational player at the table. So this method only works for those who play 3/6 and higher.

There is another question for mid- and high-stakes regulars: what EV do you have against those guys who start the tables? Usually, they are pretty tough and you might end up playing lots of hands against them with negative EV. 

As a result, table starting works for 3/6+ players that can play with at least 2-3 bb/100 winrate against regulars to compensate the rake losses. 

Table selection with no software

The advantage of this cheap and low variance method is that you have no need to participate in “reg wars”. The winrate is higher comparing to starting tables and you don’t have to pay for auto-seating scripts. 

The disadvantage is you spend a lot of your time and focus on scrolling the lobby and joining queues, which affects the quality of your game. Also you miss a lot of recreational players since after reaching a certain amount of tables you simply do not have any more time to keep selecting new ones. 

Table selection with auto-seating scripts.

This method is the most profitable and the handiest. Despite the fact the subscriptions are far from cheap, they actually pay off in a few sessions. You don’t have to waste your time on table selection and you can focus on your game and opponents, while script is bringing you more tables with recreational players. 


But this method has a big disadvantage – room bans. Before installing the script, you should read terms and conditions of the poker room you play in and find out what consequences you may face for using it. 


As far as we know, iPoker is okay with auto-seating scripts, WPN and Chico only send warnings and in 888 Poker the biggest punishment is 1-3 months account suspension. So at this moment using auto-seating scripts in those rooms is very profitable. 

One007 – free table selection

Recently new free software for finding recreational players emerged – One007. The developers of this software are currently busy spreading their product on the market, so they take no charge for now. Other scripts of this kind will cost you up to 200$ per month. 

One007 works in 888 Poker, iPoker, Chico. Adding WPN support is in progress. Even after recent changes in this room’s policy (you can only open new table after you seat at the one you opened), the developers promise that table selection with One007 will be possible in this network. 

You can get all your questions answered and download the software for free on the official One007 website.


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