19/12/2020 | Statname Team

Dwan on filming High Stakes Poker Season 8

The comeback of super popular TV show High Stakes Poker is just around the corner! Poker pro Tom Dwan has mentioned it on his Twitter. Initially, PokerGo representatives announced the launch of the poker show in early fall and now the one and only “durrrr” has confirmed it. 

“High stakes poker coming back guys. Hope I run as good as last time”. Later, PokerGo reacted to his tweet, announcing the actual date of 8th season’s opening episode airing date, which is Wednesday, December 16. 

Stellar lineup and odds comparison

The first episode of the new season of High Stakes Poker was already filmed in one of the Las Vegas casinos back in late October, we also found it out from Dwan’s Twitter account. He posted a video of him playing pocket sevens, you can check it out here:



But the most interesting part is the he “flashed” the full lineup. Besides Tom himself two record holders for the number of gold bracelets were seen at the table: Phil Ivey and Phil Helmuth (25 for each), and no less famous high rollers such as Jason Koon, Brandon Adams, Ben Lamb and John Andress. Based on the number of chips in play, we can assume the stacks were in range of $50,000 to $100,000.

Ivey, Helmuth and Adams are regulars on the show who have been on it since season one. Jason Koon also stands out among the players, the strongest pro that is currently 9th in the All Time Money List. Nevertheless, it is better to take a look at the actual data from TheHendonMob: 

Jason Koon – $31 101 728 total winnings;

Phil Ivey – $30 311 759;

Phil Helmuth – $24 117 333;

Ben Lamb – $11 381 207;

Brendon Adams – $5 127 727;

Tom Dwan – $3 399 747;

John Andress – $2 471 229.


Almost ten years of silence

High Stakes Poker is a popular TV show where poker stars play some high stakes cash games. Aired from 2006 to 2011 (98 episodes over 7 seasons). During that time viewers have witnessed some of the most exciting hands and biggest pots in the history of television poker. 

And now after more than 9 years, the legendary show returns to the screens on December 16 this year! It is quite clear that after such a hiatus, Mori Escandani – the producer of the show – wants to play on the nostalgia of poker players for golden times (from early 2000s to the Black Friday). 

We remind you that after the events of Black Friday, poker shows disappeared and only a couple of years later this “void” started to fill back up with Twitch streams and YouTube broadcasts. Now the producers are ready to revive the TV poker format and bring it back to its former popularity. Will they succeed? We’ll find out very soon!