09/02/2021 | Statname Team

Donald Trump pardoned famous gambler

Before leaving the oval office, on his last day in White House, Donald Trump signed decrees to pardon 73 people and to mitigate sentences for 70 people. One of the lucky one from the list is famous gambler Billy Walters. 

Millions of dollars on bets and 5 years in prison

The American has come a long and thorny path from a car salesman to a capper who raised hundreds of millions of dollars thanks to gambling bets. According to media sources, Billy managed to earn about $300 million on betting during his “career”. Waters can be characterized by the phrase “If the majority of players lose on bets, then he is the one who makes money. But of course not in the most honest way, and you will find out the details below.


Billy Walters devoted 40 years to professional betting and during this time, he has become a legendary and respected player in the community. Not without a sin though, the US law enforcement agencies tried many times to bring him to justice for fraud related to illegal betting. Eventually they managed to put Walters in jail but on a completely unrelated matter. This bitter occasion for Billy took place in 2017 when he was accused of insider trading and sentenced to five years in prison.


In addition, the American was fined $10 million for a 6-year cooperation with the former chairman of Dean Foods Co. Tom Davis. From 2008 to 2014, he provided Billy with inside information about his relationship with a restaurant company, which was not public. In total, Walters made around $25 off this. 


In April 2020, after the outbreak of COVID-19 in the United States, the capper was released from a Florida federal prison. This was driven by the passage of the CARES Act allowing Attorney General William Barry to release some elderly prisoners, referring to potential health threat in prison.


Thus, Walters was allowed to serve the remaining term under house arrest in his own home in San Diego, California. The eventual “release” happened two years earlier than planned; the sentence was to expire in February 2020. On the final day of his presidency, Trump pardoned the player. 


One of the first to react to such news was the legendary Doyle Brunson himself: “I see Trump pardoned our old buddy Billy Walters. I think that was a legitimate pardon because Billy was railroaded on what they sent him up for.” Doyle did not divulge the details in his tweet, but apparently those two have repeatedly intersected in Las Vegas and beyond, they are almost the same age. 


Now the legendary capper can do whatever he wants. Billy Walters himself spoke about the pardon as follows: “I am thankful to the President and extremely grateful for the longstanding support of friends and family, especially my wife, Susan. I have tried to live a life marked by concern for others and I hope this sends a strong message to law enforcement to refrain from illegal misconduct in pursuing their targets. I look forward to vindication as I pursue mu civil damage case in federal court.”


Among those pardoned by Trump was another person associated with sports betting – Casey Urlacher. Casey is the 41-year-old brother of famous Chicago Bears player Brian Urlacher. He was convicted of organizing an illegal bookmaker network.


According to Gambling News source, Casey’s brother was known for supporting president Trump and even donating money to his campaign. Apparently, Donald Trump did not stay in debt