22/06/2021 | Statname Team

How to copy nicknames in iPoker and WPN

iPoker and WPN poker networks have made all the nicknames at the tables anonymous quite some time ago. It means you can only see who your opponents are only after you take a seat and buy in. 

Many users come up with a reasonable question to us: “How can you select tables using Statname if you can’t see the nicknames?” The solution is there already – auto-seating script one007.net

Working through the room’s protocol it tracks players’ nicknames and color tags before seating at the table, allowing you to select tables that are profitable just as you do in the rooms with open nicknames. The “copy nickname” feature works really well with our “autopaste” extension, which allows you to get player’s info from our site automatically.

Few words about your security.

iPoker network doesn’t care at all if you use the script or not, so you can use it with no fear or doubts. WPN network does not welcome our script, so it is up to you to use it or not. 

Take advantage of the edge over your opponents you can easily get with our software to gain more EV!