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User agreement

Business details: Individual Entrepreneur Kapitonov Andrey Gennadievich, Russian Federation, 450077, rep. Bashkortostan, City Ufa, 9 st. Engelsa, ap. 15

1. General User Agreement Terms

1.1. The following terms and definitions apply in this document:

a) Statistics site – website hosted in the statname.net domain and its subdomains.

b) User – a capable individual who has joined this Agreement in his own interest or who acts on behalf of the legal entity he represents.

c) Agreements – current agreement with all additions and changes.

d) Poker room – a platform where players actually play the game for whom the statistics is provided.

1.2. The use of the Statistics site in any way or form within its declared functionality, including:

  • Viewing materials posted on Site;
  • Registration and/or authorization on Site;
  • Posting or displaying on Site any materials including, but not limited to, such as: texts, hypertext links, images, audio and video files, information and/or and other data, creates an agreement based on this terms

1.3 By using any of the opportunities of service usage you confirm that:

a) You have read all the terms of this Agreement before using Statistics site.

b) You accept all the terms of this Agreement without any exceptions and restrictions on your part, and you agree to abide by them or stop using the Statistics site. If you do not agree with the terms of this Agreement or do not have the right to conclude an agreement on their basis, you should immediately stop any use of the Statistics site.

c) The Agreement (or any of its parts) may be amended by the administration without any special notification. The new version of the Agreement comes in power the moment it is posted on the Site or brought to attention of the User in any other convenient form, unless otherwise is provided by the new version of the Agreement.

2. Terms of Use under the Agreement

2.1 Using the functionality of the Statistics site is only allowed after User goes through the registration and authorization on Site in accordance with the procedure established by the Administration.

2.2 Technical, organizational and commercial terms of use, including the functional capabilities, are brought to Users’ attention by posting on Site or user notification.

2.3 The username and password chosen by User are necessary and sufficient to get access to the Site. The User does not have the right to share his login and password with third parties and bears full responsibility for their safety, choosing the method of their storage individually.

2.4 It is forbidden to systematically collect data from the Statistics site for the subsequent aggregation and use for commercial profit.

2.5 If any malicious or suspicious actions are detected, the Administration reserves the right to ban User from Statistics site or some of its areas.

3. Lack of warranties, limitation of liability

3.1 The User uses the Statistics site at his own risk, understanding that poker rooms do not welcome such services and may impose penalties for their use.

3.2 The Statistics site do not guarantee that information displayed on the site is 100% accurate.

3.3 The Statistics site is not responsible for any type of losses resulting from its use by the User or the use of some parts/features of the Site.

4. Cancellation/return policy

Payment, in case of failure to provide data on player, is not refunded for any reasons, including: server technical issues, data loss during the uploading to database, inability to receive data due to technical changes in the Poker room.

5. Notifications

5.1 The User agrees to receive informational emails from the Copyright holder to the email address you entered while working with the Statistics site.

5.2 The Copyright holder has the right to use User’s email address to inform the User about changes and new features of the Service, amendments of Agreement or mandatory documents specified in it and also to send newsletters of an informational or advertising nature.

6. User warranties under the Agreement

6.1 The Statistics site provides players’ data, calculated by math formulas.

6.2 Data is generated based on the game logs.

7. Other conditions

7.1 This Agreement may be amended or terminated by the Copyright holder unilaterally without prior notice to the User and without any financial compensation.

7.2 If the Service provides paid subscription, payment must be made by User on a prepayment basis.

8. Subscription purchase:

- Choose the package suitable to your stakes from the subscriptions offered to you

- Click on it and proceed to the payment page. After the payment is made, the subscription is automatically activated.

8.1 Subscriptions description:

NL/PL/PLO 25 – this package provides all the statistics for players who play stakes up to NL/PL/PLO 25 inclusive. Data on players with limits that exceed the current one will not be shown in this subscription.

NL/PL/PLO 50 – this package provides all the statistics for players who play stakes up to NL/PL/PLO 50 inclusive. Data on players with limits that exceed the current one will not be shown in this subscription.

NL/PL/PLO 500 – this package provides all the statistics for players who play stakes up to NL/PL/PLO 500 inclusive. Data on players with limits that exceed the current one will not be shown in this subscription.

NL/PL/PLO 500+ – this package provides statistics on players from any limits that are available on our site without restrictions.

8.2 Trial:

Every new account allows to make 5 free requests for any stakes

If something goes wrong:

If you have any troubles with purchase or you have any other questions, you can contact us from your Personal account page indicating the topic in the feedback form, or you can contact us via email support@statname.net

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