Technical works august 4. New stats in the «Detailed stats» tab and an update on WPN.

Dear users! 


August 4, from 5:30 UTC we will conduct some technical work aimed at release of update. The service may be unavailable for up to 1 hours. As the works complete, the regular functioning of the service will be immediately restored!


In the latest update we have implemented the following changes:


  • New stats in «Detailed stats» are added, such as:

1. “PFR”, including R1st, F to 3betIP, F to 3betOOP for different positions, and also Limp, Limp/call, Limp/fold, Limp/raise, 4Bet and F vs 5 Bet;

2. “CC”, including cold call total and for every position, and also Donk, Donk/Call, Donk/Fold, Bet vs Mis OP, Bet vs Mis IP and Bet/Fold for different streets;

3. “3bet”, including total 3bet and for each position, and also Fv4B per position and total, Squeeze, SqueezeFold, 3bet and 5bet;  

4. “Cbet”, including Bet, Cb, CbetIP, CbetOOP, 3bp CbIP, 3bp CbOOP, XR, Raise and AFQ for each street;

5. “vs Cb”, including fold vs Cb, vs CbIP, vs CbOOP, and also 3bp vs CbIP and 3bp vs CbOOP for each street.

  • Interface was readjusted a little to display new stats correctly.
  • WPN logging resumed, stats are being generated right now and will be available from July 1st, 2020.
  • Feedback interface graphic rendering speed improved.
  • Some bugs that caused incorrect interface display after updates fixed.
  • System that detects errors in incoming hand histories improved.
  • New stats only displayed in the new interface version.
  • The stats will be generated from actual data and the earliest data available.


Good luck at the tables!


Statname team

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